Wargaming Tradecraft: Does your army colour your view of the 40k Universe? [part 1]


Does your army colour your view of the 40k Universe? [part 1]

This is something I've wondered after writing my "Picking your army" musing.

I play Eldar, when I envision the 40k universe, this is what comes to mind:
  • - It's a large place filled with all sorts of races spread out and eternally at war.
  • - There are no safe areas.
  • - Evil is constantly spilling in from all over the place.
  • - Humanity and other races are growing and shrinking as they colonize, in-fight and are destroyed.
  • - A devourer is slowly overtaking the fringes.
I look at the 40k setting in general terms and full of threats, but it occurs to me that I also play a nomadic race slowly dying and I'm wondering if those two things are connected. 

Now, I'm not asking you to describe the Warhammer universe or what the fluff / backstory of your army is - don't you even dare pick up your codex. I'm wondering if you as a player have a different perspective that's brought from years of playing races who fit into the grand scheme differently? When you picture the 40k universe, full of rotating galaxies and swirling solar systems, how you you see the grand scheme of things? What thoughts immediately come to mind?

Do marines and imperials see the universe as a relatively safe place full of humans but infiltrated by xenos threatening mankind? Do orc players view things as spread out super strong colonies of green ready to wage war against anything that approaches them or if the warchief stubs his toe? Do nid players really make no distinction and see everywhere as a buffet? When a Chaos player pictures the universe, do they just see the warp?

I dunno, maybe I'm completely off base on this one, but I'm curious to hear perspectives from other people to see if maybe I am on to something that's worth expanding and researching some more.
Please respond and tell me about these two things:

  • Describe how you view the 40k universe in short general terms.
  • What army do you play primarily?


  1. Well what I see is a dying empire, and the heroic last stands of the few.

    I mostly play Space Marines.

  2. Interesting...

    Although very little conscious thought on this topic happens during battle, I realize it's still there, beneath the stratagem and rolling...

    As a NID player, I generally see potential. Endless potential.

    From the creation of the force list that will deploy to soften up any who stand against me, and ultimately fall victim to reclamation for my future forces use, which, ultimately is used for more potential. Win, lose, draw, it doesnt really matter.

    Waves and waves of spiked, poisoned talons and teeth, fallen humanoids, and even the very ground they lay on... It's all potential in the end.

    The same thought goes to my outlook on the Territories of Man, and any within.

    Endless Potential...

    See you soon.

  3. I'm not there yet, but what a neat thought.


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