Wargaming Tradecraft: Weekly Update


Weekly Update

Sometimes I wonder if I should keep writing weekly updates. I suppose it lets you know I'm still alive and keeps me posting. I suppose these will also be a good way to skim through what I've done by clicking the "Weekly Update" label or to hear about what's in the pipes.

Couple more things from last week, I posted on the Varnish I found that finally doesn't suck. Thanks to Ron from From the Warp for pointing out that I've been spelling the name of my favorite brand wrong... woops. Liquitex, not Liquidtex (see what I did there) has a great range of stuff. Check it out.

Also, a slightly involved post about how to randomly place terrain. Terrain is important. Ask any army that's gone up against a gun line. Random is fair.

In the works is a post on Gesso - awesome stuff if you need to paint primer on your models. Also I've gotten a bunch done this past weekend on my water effects tutorial. Still plenty to do and it takes a while with all the gel/glue drying - but it is coming, and it's thorough.


  1. I tired out gesso for the first time about a month ago but was not too happy with the results. I'd appreciate any advice or suggestions that you have as I really was just flying blind with my gesso experiment. I look forward to reading your upcoming article about it.

  2. Well, the post is now up for you to enjoy!

    I don't really have a priority on what order I write my tutorials, so if you have a specific question, feel free to email me.


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