Wargaming Tradecraft: New Eldar Units


New Eldar Units

Well, as long as everyone else is on the bandwagon, here's some news and pics from Games Day UK 2010, reported by Strangleweb at Bell of Lost Souls: http://www.belloflostsouls.net/2010/09/games-day-uk-live-updated-1115-gmt.html

I'm an Eldar player, so all I'm going to show off are the new Eldar stuff coming from Forgeworld - for more of the new releases, take a look at the above article. Highlights include Dark Eldar and Forgeworld for Warhammer Fantasy.

First off, Eldar seem to be getting a new aspect warrior: Shadow Spectre. Supposedly it'll have a weapon that works like the Prism Cannon. (though weaker) Pretty cool looking unit. The armour seems heavier and maybe we'll seen some nice movement or jump/warp spider packs due to their hovering.

Also, some new tanks in the traditional style of the Eldar. The Eldar Lynx might be beyond normal tabletop as it seems big enough to be a super heavy. The one in the background, the Eldar Hornet, looks like nothing more than a suped up weapon platform. Maybe this'll bring some heavier firepower to our Fast Attack choices and/or some better armour than Vypers.

Is it just me though, or does the Eldar Hornet look like the droid tanks from Star Wars Phantom Menace?
image from Galactic Toys

yes, yes I think it does...

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