Wargaming Tradecraft: Weekly Update


Weekly Update

Not much more to say than last week. I've just been pounding away at my Wraithlord for Games Day. Finally at the glue and touch-up stage.

My Dungeoneer tutorial made From The Warp's Tuesday Top 10 (brought to you by Ryan) this past week, and a lot of people checked it out. I hope they can use what they read, though more feedback would let me know what you guys and gals think!

I still have a few tutorials started - lunch breaks make great typing time. Don't worry, once Games Day is over I'm going to actually start taking photos for these and posting them. The big tutorial is all about creating fake water - lots of different ways. There's also going to be a small one on Green Stuff and a Painting tutorial on Blending, both theory and practical.

I've also setup Feedburner on my RSS feed, so you may notice it looks a little different, maybe a little cleaner. It also lets me see how many people are following my blog through the feed. So, to those of you following, thanks!

Anyways, check back soon for a post on my Games Day plans.

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