Wargaming Tradecraft: June 2014


[REVIEW] Custom Templates from Greenman Designs, Inc.

A little while ago I was contacted by Josh from Greenman Designs, Inc. wondering if he could send me some examples of his work. I'd been dealing with some crappy customer service around then, so my first reaction was "This is awesome! A company that's contacting ME to offer service!" From there, I was only impressed over and over.

Greenman Designs has a great selection of templates, tokens and markers for various games like Warmachine / Hordes, Warhammer and Infinity They also do custom work if you've got your own ideas you'd like to see come to life. Parents, they even sell gift certificates. I love the artistic edge that he adds. When I saw the Eldar template set, I knew I was dealing with someone who could make my ideas for the Hordebloods come to life.

You can take a look at their shop, but prices are competitive. Custom jobs cost more depending on how much work is involved.

If you want to keep up with the latest stuff he's working on, take a look at the Gdesigns Inc Facebook.

Chieftan Bearka Concepts

So, there's a new model released from Privateer Press... allegedly. I'm seeing all sorts of people posting pics of their painting of it and his rules are in War Room... but I don't recall PP releasing info about him, he's not on their website and I can't google pics of his model.

Anyways, it's a big angry troll riding a big angry bear. The model looks pretty much like the concept art I've shown here. So I've been thinking - how does this fit in to my Hordebloods? Wasn't really sure, until I came at it from another angle - Borka is the character I modded in to a Tauren. What do Tauren ride? That's right...


It'll take a lot of work and I'm not sure if I'll sculpt on top of the bear or build a kodo for Bearka to ride, but I'm thinking of going full 9's... Kodo, armour, war drums, etc. Nooo idea when I'll do this. Really trying to focus on painting right now. Don't even own this (alleged) model yet.

So, just throwing out a bunch of ideas and grabbing some inspirational pics.
When I do get around to him, it'll be epic.

Kickstarter: Pop-Up MIniature Terrain

I just want to bring some attention to an awesome looking Kickstarter... pop-up terrain kits. My wife LOVES this idea because of how easy to store these things look.

The pricing is also very reasonable.

  • $15 - PDF versions you can print yourself.
  • $32 - Full set printed on sheets, some assembly required.
  • $160 - Full set, assembled.
    (Which gives an indication that assembling might be a days worth of work, not too bad.)

Check out the Kickstarter

Roleplaying Tradecraft

As I'm trying to get the energy and routine to write and paint again, I've started another project. Much more free-form and not guaranteed the PG rating I aim for here. I won't promise to any kind of schedule, but I'll say that I'm currently working on a roleplaying campaign and it's stirring up all sorts of thoughts I'd like to write about.

You may even get a guest post or two to add in some other perspectives.