Wargaming Tradecraft: Links


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Useful Sites

(all free, unless otherwise noted)
  • Blogger
    • Create a free blog to talk about anything you like.
    • Very simple to setup and use.
  • Deviant Art
      • A free account gives you everything you need, subscribe for advanced features and no ads.
      • may contain mature content, which is hidden by default.
    • Create a free gallery of photos, update a basic journal, get / give feedback on art.
    • Watch other artists and get notifications when they update their gallery.
    • Has forums and groups to create communities.
    • MiniWarGaming Forum
      • A forum for all facets of the hobby, and an excellent community.

    Miniature Resources

    Some of these links found from the following sources: 3++ is the new black, Jester Miniatures, Studio GiráldezTarget