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My primary project is a Warcraft inspired Hordebloods army.

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X-Wing Rules Differences between Mk 1 and 2

Now that X-Wing Mark 2 has released, people are going to be wondering what's changed from the first to second editions. Overall, the game appears to be fairly similar to the first edition, with a few things streamlined, some additions and a new approach to building lists.

A great step in line with other wargaming companies is that all the rules for X-Wing are available on Fantasy Flight's website if you scroll down to the Support section. Start with Quickstart if you're totally new, the Rulebook for detailed play and the Rules Reference for a great alphabetical index of all the rules. (I'll probably print a copy of this to keep in my P.A.C.K.) They've also released a Squad Builder on both their Website and as an Android app.

Oh, and if you want to see more details on my own greyscale Core Couriers fleet including a little background story, take a look.

Now, lets get into the nitty gritty...

Mordheim Pit Fighters

I painted a band of Pit Fighters a little while back for Mordheim, using a variety of models but mostly some Tzeentch cultists. I also did a few unique things when it came to painting them that I'll also discuss the details of at the end of the article.

Basically since I was painting for an old school game (Mordheim) I decided to try my hand at more of a Games Workshop grim dark style with less contrast and less highlights... it's so unlike what I usually paint that I'm not sure I'm happy with how they look. I did enjoy creating the blue chitin armour though.

The following is a 360 degree video of the warband, after while I'll show some images of each of the models and talk about them and at the end of this article I have the paint formulas for everything.

Count Vlagorescu's Midnight Court


This was a project that I completed for two reasons. The first was that I've been wanting to build an Age of Sigmar army to game with the folks at our new local Warhammer store. Then came along Armies on Parade 2016. That was the push that I needed to complete it.

Now, admittedly, my Hordebloods are my primary army which consume the focus of my high end painting efforts. I wanted an army that I could complete in a reasonable amount of time so I painted this one a little above tabletop quality.

Because I couldn't leave it at that, I took this as an opportunity to create something with an artistic angle. Looking at some of the other styles I've wanted to experiment with, black and white came to mind. This was a scheme I'd pictured at one point for Tyranids, but works great for a ghoul army too.

Did I ever get to play it? Only a couple times to be honest. However, I love how the undead-bat-monster-dragon-thing came to life, I've used it at shows from time to time and the display board has been an awesome attention grabber at some of the community events I've engaged in. (Maker Expo, Artist @ Work at our local libraries, etc.)