Wargaming Tradecraft: August 2011

Weekly Update

Last Week at Wargaming Tradecraft

In addition to creating a tutorial on Pinning models for support, I continued my Hordebloods project with a Troll Impaler in part One and Three. (The pinning post is part Two for the Impaler and Four for the Axer)

Last Week in the Community

Troll Impaler WIP 3

Previously, I discussed pinning, and have repositioned this Impalers arm in a guiding way, pointing at the intended victim as his spear lines up, menacingly perpendicular with his arm.

Because of this, there's a big 'ol gap at his elbow in need of some fixing.

Pinning your Models and Impaler WIP 2 / Axer WIP 4

As I touched on briefly in my post about manual drills (or pin vices), pinning is the act of using wire to add support to a joint rather than just gluing things together. Usually, plastic models don't need to be pinned - plastic glue creates a strong bond by chemically melting the two pieces together. Metal parts are trickier than that - you can just glue them together, but they can break apart.

While creating an army that I'm putting a lot of effort into, the last thing I want are ugly cracks where I've glued broken parts back on.

Troll Impaler WIP 1

There are a few key things that make a troll stand out.

The tattoos and warpaint on his face will come once I start painting him.

What I'm looking at at this stage are the tusks and the awesome mohawk. Today I start creating the horns.

Weekly Update

Last Week at Wargaming Tradecraft

Started out the week talking about organizational holders, and moved on to posting progress on my Troll Axer in part one, two and three.

Last Week in the Community

Troll Axer WIP 3

Now that the Axer has some long chains hanging from his axe, a little decoration is in order. Totems!

The following is an instructional post on how I made the totems out of green stuff.

Troll Axer WIP 2

Just a small update as I discuss some of the modifications that I made to the axe.

As I do for most weapons my models wield, I start by sharpening the edge to make it more realistic.

Troll Axer WIP 1

Now here's where I start getting to be creative!

Click on through as I begin to bring this mighty axer into reality. This is another model where abilities line up - both have attacks that hit everyone around them.

I've been able to really let loose with this guy and I've taken a lot of step by step shots.

Organizational Holders (and hanging tips)

 I found some magnetic holders at a dollar store not to long ago, so I documented the steps I took to put them up. Whatever type of hangers you want to put up to organize your hobby area, this article will give you some helpful tips. Mostly, it's straight forward, but you'll find one step here quite useful when working with thin wood that will prevent you from destroying shelves.

I talked about some other magnetic holders in a post about my work area. The ones I cover in this article are a little bigger though.

Weekly Update

Last Week at Wargaming Tradecraft

TheWife's con-geek earrings,
made by my mom for TheWife
inspired by Lizglizz, via GaS
To start things off last week was a guest post on colour-blind modelers - a big thanks to my good buddy Jim for that. (To delve deeper in to his mind, visit Concept Crucible) You can also read a lengthy post on Facebook, advertising and some thoughts on social media.

Blog-fu aside, some first shots of Madrak Ironhide WIP, while the second also included using nail salon jewels.

Vacation! (awesome photos below...)

Double rainbow in Ottawa - can you think of a better way
to start your vacation?
Well, no updates from the community, because I've been on a well needed vacation this week and haven't had time to keep up with things. TheWife was part of a dance group that won first place for Otakuthon's dance contest and got to perform for the opening ceremonies. So, we swung up through Ottawa, then spent the weekend in Montreal.

Nail Jewels / Madrak WIP 2

Sometimes I surprise myself when I consider the places I go and things I use for this hobby... I mean, nail salon supplies? Really?

But you really do need to be willing to go anywhere and try anything if you want to excel and add some real uniqueness to the things you create.

I picked these things up cheap a while back and was waiting for a project to use them with. Basically, they're mirrored backs and coloured plastic. Due to the scale however, they can add a really nice natural look to your minis.

Facebook and Advertisements

via Bill Hall
So, we're all somewhat aware that there's this thing out there called MySpace Facebook that allows us to play a game called "Who's got the most friends?" while redefining what we used to refer to as "acquaintance" as "friend" and probably devaluing the term when referring to those most important to us....

No matter the stereotypes that exist around Facebook, the fact is that it's quickly changing many internet, communication, social, personal and business landscapes. Any sarcasm aside, it's a prominent social medium in today's world and it's time you got involved.

This post is directed at both blogs and hobby stores as I've used / seen used both aspects and have a few observations to share and hopefully improve your communication, followers and social awareness. I'll start out by explaining some of the benefits to Facebook, briefly talk about pages and some features, show how to setup ads and finally how to interpret the information afterward.

Madrak Ironhide WIP 1

So here in the first WIP (Work In Progress) post for the Hordebloods army. As it's early on in my process, I didn't get too into the habit of taking pictures, especially as I was playing around with his hair - I really wasn't sure how the hair was going to turn out. It was one of my first time really green stuffing and hadn't fully decided if I was going bald like Trolls, green stuff hair or fake hair.

Anyways, rambling aside, here's the beginning of the Horde!

Colourblind Modellers

artist: Mordachai71
A short time ago, I asked a good friend of mine if he'd be willing to share what it was like being colourblind and painting minis. He accepted, and the following article is the first guest post on Wargaming Tradecraft. It shares a perspective I'm glad to be able to provide a voice for. Jim Tigwell is a philosophy graduate and dungeon master and has taken the time away from his own blog, Concept Crucible, to put together an excellent article that not only gives us insight into some of the challenges facing those who are colourblind, but also suggestions on compensating and how to turn it into an advantage.

Weekly Update

Last Week at Wargaming Tradecraft

The Hordebloods begin with an introduction and a post about planning artistic armies. I also cover how I used guitar strings.

Hockey riots - you wouldn't understand.
(Canadians are hockey hipsters.)
Next week, little to no Weekly Update - I've got content scheduled for you folks, including a great guest post tomorrow, but it's vacation time for me! Ah, finally! Not a long one, but I'll be in Montreal for Otakuthon - enjoying poutine, crepes, Mexican, a hole in the wall that serves some grrreat ribs and fitting in some anime geekery at some point. Last time I was there, the city erupted into riots 2 blocks from my hotel and cops locked down the downtown the following night - lets hope for a little less excitement this time.

Last Week in the Community

Planning Your Artistic Army (with example: Hordebloods)

50pts to anyone who gets the reference
Before you get started, you should have a plan of what you're going to do to make your image come to life. This doesn't have to mean writing down every little thing you want to mod, but it could. Nomatter how detailed you decide to get, you should keep records of some kind so that weeks and months from now you can return to this reference and remember what it is you wanted to do. This is ESPECIALLY true if you start planning things well before you're ready to start your army. There's nothing that sucks worse than having inspiration strike and forgetting it.

Guitar Strings = Small Pipes

Something that I've seen a few people talk about and Ron showed off a while back was the use of guitar strings with minis to create pipes. I recently had an opportunity to try this myself and it worked so well I had to add it to my list of supplies.

Click on through as I discuss a little about this wonderfully cheap and easy method of creating pipes.

Hordebloods Arrive!

Unveiled: My next big project!

(Though if you follow my Twitter, you'd've known something was in the works)

That's right, I've joined the ranks of the Trollbloods from Privateer Press' Hordes game. That means over the next while you're going to seen some distinctly non-GW stuff on Wargaming Tradecraft as I build what I intend to be an artistic army.

As I create this army, I'm going to document my steps... not always as direct Step by Step (because it hampers the creative process) but either as WIP shots with descriptions or broken down into tutorials related to specific tools or techniques.

Weekly Update

Last Week at Wargaming Tradecraft

Kinda a light week... I've started a new project that you'll see more of in this and next week and definitely the weeks to come. This began with Creating an Artistic Army's Intro and Questions, followed with The Creative Process.

Last Week in the Community