Monday, April 04, 2011

Weekly Update

Last Week at Wargaming Tradecraft

I showed off a number of tools this week. It started with Safety Goggles then continued with Tin Snips and Pipe Cutters. The work on my postapocalyptibuggy began air brushing. And, in blog-fu, I wrote a very detailed post on getting your own .com for your blog, as well as highlighted a new Views feature to Blogger.

Last Week in the Community

(I may have missed some as I didn't get as much time as I'd like to have to read blogs this weekend, but I was visiting family, so it's all good.)

Because these types of articles mean a lot of me, I'll going to bring light to it here. James over at Warp Signal talks about matters similar to my punk art series

It takes a big man to admit defeat, especially in public. Larry over at Paint Your Toys is wondering what a gamer is to do when they don't win - lets give him some suggestions


Here is some of the Adepticon coverage. (You may need to scroll back in the blogs to see all the posts on it) (They've got a lot)


Lauby talks about using Gold Paint

An excellent showing of magnetizing

Weighing down and magnetizing bases from War Paint Guy

A very unique tutorial with lots of green stuffing to make a chicken rider

Volomir has a good looking WIP of a Ork Warboss in progress


Vallejo is apparently releasing paint on primers of a polyurethane base
I'm intrigued, but unsure.. urethane is usually a plastic or rubber base, which tends to be a pain to paint on.


Raffa over at Massive Voodoo has created an incredible Grey Knight

Lauby's finished a grey termie

Gimnir has a great looking Blood Angel coming along

Old School has some great shots from Adepticon

A freaking awesome custom Nurgle Demon Prince

A game board coming together

A great looking psyker battle squad

MWC has a large plague tower in the works

Great looking orks


GMort talks about "counts as" armies


  1. Hi Dave.

    Thanks for putting my Orks up!

    For someone who didn't have a lot of time you seem to have had just enough time to come up with some outstanding links. It pointed me in the direction of a few interesting blogs to follow.

    I should actually have 2 links in your post. The link on weighing down and magnetizing bases is my content posted as "user content"on HoP. The content is taken straight from my blog and not written by Lauby.

    Check it out here:

    Once again thanks for providing me with great stuff and fantastic blogs to follow.


  2. heh, thanks. Sorry about that.. hence the not having lots of time, I've made that mistake a few times on linked content. Fixed now!



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