Monday, April 04, 2011

Weekly Update

Last Week at Wargaming Tradecraft

I showed off a number of tools this week. It started with Safety Goggles then continued with Tin Snips and Pipe Cutters. The work on my postapocalyptibuggy began air brushing. And, in blog-fu, I wrote a very detailed post on getting your own .com for your blog, as well as highlighted a new Views feature to Blogger.

Last Week in the Community

(I may have missed some as I didn't get as much time as I'd like to have to read blogs this weekend, but I was visiting family, so it's all good.)

Because these types of articles mean a lot of me, I'll going to bring light to it here. James over at Warp Signal talks about matters similar to my punk art series

It takes a big man to admit defeat, especially in public. Larry over at Paint Your Toys is wondering what a gamer is to do when they don't win - lets give him some suggestions


Here is some of the Adepticon coverage. (You may need to scroll back in the blogs to see all the posts on it) (They've got a lot)


Lauby talks about using Gold Paint

An excellent showing of magnetizing

Weighing down and magnetizing bases from War Paint Guy

A very unique tutorial with lots of green stuffing to make a chicken rider

Volomir has a good looking WIP of a Ork Warboss in progress


Vallejo is apparently releasing paint on primers of a polyurethane base
I'm intrigued, but unsure.. urethane is usually a plastic or rubber base, which tends to be a pain to paint on.


Raffa over at Massive Voodoo has created an incredible Grey Knight

Lauby's finished a grey termie

Gimnir has a great looking Blood Angel coming along

Old School has some great shots from Adepticon

A freaking awesome custom Nurgle Demon Prince

A game board coming together

A great looking psyker battle squad

MWC has a large plague tower in the works

Great looking orks


GMort talks about "counts as" armies


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