Wargaming Tradecraft: August 2016

Getting Started: Assembling Models

If you haven't been following, I'll be putting on an event called Workshop in Progress at Maker Expo 2016. In preparation, my wife, a friend and I have been assembling a lot of miniatures. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to add another useful article to my series on Getting Started.

Building Placeholder Bases (Earthy)

I got some great compliments on my placeholder base at my previous FLGS the other weekend. As said by one played, "That placeholder looks better than most of my army!" So I wanted to share with everyone how I created it. It wasn't actually that hard and well within the realm of anyone else to create.

Not sure what I'm talking about?
Want to make one?

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Non-Traditional Primer for an Age of Sigmar Knight

 I actually painted this miniature back at the end of last year and apparently missed sharing it on my website. (Though you could have seen it on Facebook.) When Kitchener finally got a Warhammer store, we also got an awesome manager who's rekindled the region's Games Workshop presence. As a welcome, I painted a show piece from their Age of Sigmar box set with my usual style. Reallllllllly impressed with myself as to how it turned out.

Don't really have any WIPs but at the end of the article I want to touch on how to work with non-traditional primer.