Wargaming Tradecraft: February 2013

Hordebloods - Mulg the Ancient

Mulg was a really fun project to work on and I learned a bunch from it. It gave me a chance to break out the airbrush and discovered a few new techniques. Colour theory was also something I played with, which I'll follow up in another post. Pinning him was also a little trickier than others.

Translucent (Not quite clear) Paints

In my recent post about Fire Effects, I used some translucent paints to create fire. Now, if you don't want to buy something that fancy, paints and washes can be used as well. In this post, I'll show you some examples of different effects and how they turn out.

It's worth noting that sometimes you might not want it to be translucent. Intense colours are great as a first layer, or in certain areas. Flames lick upward in different patterns, water swirls and muddies up, spells flicker and flash in random ways. The photo to the left shows some examples of this.

But if you want nicely blended and layered colours, here are your options...

Hordebloods - Doomshaper

I need a caster powerful enough to control the beasties that are flocking to my Hordebloods. The paint was really flowing through me, so this'll be the only post on this guy. I've still got some things to show off though, so here we go!

Advanced Fire Effects with Gels & Infernal Pyre Troll [part 3]

In the last post, I showed how I painted the lava effect on my Infernal Pyre Troll. Today I'll show how I create fire effects. This'll be green Fel Fire rather than a red/orange, but the theory is still applicable to your own work.

Sculpting Gel

Basic "gel" is available in normal, Heavy and Super Heavy. (I've used a few and prefer Liquitex.) It's basically a white substance that dries clear and the heavier it is, the more sculptable it is. Great for creating fire, water ripples, etc. I use it all the time, like on my Harlequin Wraithlord.

Translucent Paints

Liquid Fill (Martha Stewart brand) paint is a product I found while wandering a hobby store (Michaels) and it's designed to dry semi-clear. I'm going to write up a larger post on this stuff, because it's pretty cool. Otherwise, regular paints or washes will work as well.

Lava / Basic Fire Effects & Infernal Pyre Troll [part 2]

In today's post, I'm not only going to give you an update on my Pyre Troll, but also show you a technique for how to paint (untraditional) fire or lava. I say un-traditional because I'm going the green Fel Fire look, but the techniques would work just as well using reds or oranges instead of the green.

Because of how the glow is flowing around the stones, this is more of a lava effect. But if you're looking to paint fire or similar glow effects, this should still work.

If you want to get fancier with your fire, stick around for the 3rd and final Pyre Troll WIP later this week.

Hordebloods Krielstones Deviantly Updated

A quick note, I've added two models to my Deviant Art gallery. Both from the Krielstone Warlock unit. They've been done for a little while, but needed good pics taken and put together. Expect more impressive updates of some of the stuff I've been working on recently later this week.

Krielstone Warlock - Felheart Robes

Krielstone Warlock - Corrupter Raiment

You'll notice I've finished his staff off from the last pic. That's made from some green quartz with some wire wrapped around the stone and the toothpick I've used as a shaft. You'll recall I've got the freehanding tutorial on how I painted his cape.

Take a look at my Step by Step page for the entire Hordebloods project.

Here you will find each model broken down into links showing each step:
Concept, Works in Progress, (for both modelling and painting) and Final Shots

Infernal Pyre Troll [part 1]

It's not a Horde army without the mighty Infernal on the battlefield!

I had debated airbrushing this project, but I'd forgotten just how small the Pyre Troll actually is... he's about as short as my casters. Sooooo, since that wasn't going to work, I decided to do this in a couple steps.