Wargaming Tradecraft: November 2012

BenchVent "Show us your Workspace competition"

There's a competition running from now until December 14th 2012 for a random draw to win a BenchVent BV555-R. (Even though it says 240V, they assure me that they also ship 120V models around the world.) Click for full competition details, but basically they're asking for a picture of your workspace.

What's the big deal? Basically, this is a fan / filter system that sucks all that excess mist, smoke, dust, etc when airbrushing, spraying, soldering, grinding and so on - a great way to help keep your hobby area clean.

When I was younger, my dad actually built me something like this, but it was rather large.. and I'm not sure where it ended up. What I know, is it was actually handy, so I've got my fingers crossed.
So the photo below is my entry showing off my current hobby area:

Hordebloods: Wolf Riders

The mounted warriors of the trolls ride Bison. Bison. Not... so... exciting. Sure, they're large and sturdy enough to carry our weight, but in Hordes the Orcs ride on angry war wolves.

Now, I didn't want to sculpt wolf heads, when there are already some good options out there in the Circle of Orboros army. I placed an order for some heads on eBay, and a short couple of weeks later, they arrived!

Hordebloods: Ogre Bomber

 So this is the bomber as imagined by Privateer Press, but me, I felt the need to change a few things here.

First off, for a model who's supposed to effectively throw kegs of explosive, he's really intent on looking at the ground.

Second, to keep with the theme of my Hordebloods army, he became the candidate to be an Ogre.