Wargaming Tradecraft: August 2012

Back to Work!

yup, it's a mess
As the title of the post says, I'm getting back in to the swing of things. Work is busy - lots of long days... but TheWife and I are settling in and have finished up the things we need for which I was delaying updating this site.

Painting has been coming along strongly and the Warlocks are looking fantastic. I've got a few tutorials photographed and to be whipped together.

I know I keep saying it, but plans are coming together for the future... lets just hope for no more interruptions.

But now, because I said I would, here are the photos I took while setting up my new hobby room.

Having cleared out a space to work with, I start with the desk my Opa built, aka, my workspace. It's facing a window, which is great... even though this is the basement, a window that size is fantastic. Lots of natural light gets in, without having the sun directly face it is even better. That means no sun in my eyes while I work.

Update on how things are going

Whatever could this be about?
Just a quick update here to say that we've settled in to our new apartment, unpacked most of our stuff and I've got the hobby area setup again. I HAVE been painting, yay! Makes for a great way to relax at the end of the very long days at the moment. Plenty of pictures taken with a bunch of posts that need to be put together. I've even just about finished another Hordeblood Warlock.

BUT, things are still very busy right now and there is some real-world stuff that I have to take care of before I can focus on the blog again.

I'd rather not post sporadically, which is why I'm saving everything up until I can commit to regular quality postings like you're used to. It IS coming, just be patient. The last few months have been absolutely crazy... eta to getting back to regularly scheduled programming? At least a week... dare I say more?

I am around though, so if you're looking for some help or a tip in particular, post a question on Facebook and I'll probably get back to you the same day.

New 40k Movie - Fan made w/ permission from GW

Sooo, this happened (via BoK) and it looks like it could be fantastic. GW's probably trying to get the taste of Ultramarines out of their mouth and are pleased to have a fan-movie come around that looks like it's so full of potential that they gave it the green light. It's called The Lord Inquisitor.

Moving Day

Well, not quite... but tomorrow! Morning! After being up late to finish off packing! /sigh

And internet is being horrible today... maybe just cause they've provisioning our services elsewhere? We're still slated for connection tomorrow, so hopefully I'll be communicado this weekend as to how the move goes... If not... I guess less things to distract me a more time to settle in?

Unfortunately, I'll probably setup the studio last. Why? So I have the most time to set it up of course. We've got a nice little 3 story (2 + basement) quadplex... Living room will involve some shoving of furniture and wiring of stereos/tvs/gamestations.... All I'm concerned about in the kitchen is my booze... (which isn't a horrible statement about how I view women - my wife's just particular about where things will go, and I work from that when I cook.) The computer room / office is a pretty standard setup, nothing unusual, just time consuming to wire cleanly. Bedroom is also pretty straight forward as is the basement / laundry room.

But the guest / hobby room will take some doing to setup exactly how we like.. especially since I'll have to figure out how to handle shelves on the thin wood walls. Either way, I'm hoping to clock some serious hours in there coming up and everything's gotta be just right... I'll also aim to get a terrain post up at the beginning of next week, hobby room sorted or not... so stay tuned!

In the meantime, here are the photos that I've been taking over the last week:

New times ahead (promotion = delay)

Yeah, tip of the iceberg here
Seriously, it's been quite the summer for delays to my plans for getting some new real content up on this blog, and it looks like there's going to be another one. My work's had one of those shake-ups that nobody enjoys going through, and luckily not only do I still have a job, but I've actually gotten a promotion and been given rule over a site of my own! (broadcast radio + computer/IT engineering)

Like Lauby, I'm having to move. (though not nearly as far as him!) It still means tearing down my studio though, then setting up a new one. I've stolen his idea and taken some photos of the teardown... but what's really exciting me is the prospect of bunkering in to a new hobby-hole and seeing what I can do with the new space.

Because I had some content saved up, and I've had to keep this move secret until the announcement at work, we already found a place and I'm actually moving this weekend and we're about packed up. This means that there shouldn't be too much of a delay. (hopefully) Also, we were able to arrange internet to get transferred the day me move in - yay!

I'll try to take a last minute hop online to post the pics I've taken before tearing down my computers Friday... then next week I should have some time to post at least about the studio setup, and maybe even to put a post on terrain flock together and just needs some pics edited.