Wargaming Tradecraft: July 2017


Axer Blademaster [part 1]

This is going to be the first post detailing how I created my Hordebloods Axer Blademaster. Today, I'll cover the painting stages, later you'll be able to read about basing him and after that I'll post a last post with the final photos.

Got a chance to airbrush more and more smoothly, which I think has finally convinced me I want to get a second finer airbrush. Had a lot of fun making him, always cathartic to paint when life (work) gets busy.

Adventurers - Human Wizard

During my Olim Adventurers project, I naturally had to paint a miniature for myself. Human Wizard. I love the aesthetic of Privateer Press' steampunk elves, such a great mix of fantasy and sci-fi. So, I present to you Elgan!

I painted with washes as a shortcut to complete him in a reasonable amount of time, but still added some of my special touches. Read on, and I'll detail some specifics of how I approached his OSL, (Object Source Lighting) metallics and my gels.

Steamroller 2017 Overview

There have been a bunch of changes from Privateer Press over the last while. It always blows me away how much free stuff they offer - Not just all the rules for their games, but the cards / rules for all their models as well as their tournament kits.

Today, I'm going to highlight some of the details in the now official Steamroller 2017 organized play kit that has been tested over the last months. I strongly recommend taking a read through the official PDF, but you can get some idea of the changes below.

The PDF also has a number of optional rules, which I'm not discussing here.

Adventurers - Ogryn Rogue / Chef

Another model painted for my Adventurers roleplaying project, was a half-ogre chef. You read that right. He just so happens to also be a rogue.. with poisons...

The model itself is one from Reaper Bones.
If you want to read about another, take a look at this Dwarven Cleric.

Otherwise, keep on reading.