Wargaming Tradecraft: June 2017


Adventurers - Dwarven Cleric

The original model
Digging up some of my previous projects, I want to highlight a series I painted for a Dungeons and Dragons group I used to be part of, gifting them their characters when I left. Today's post covers the miniature I painted for my wife.

Her character is a Dwarven Cleric and I modified a miniature from Scibor Miniatures to create it. Some of the difficulties I had were:
  1. Finding a good female cleric-type warrior model.
  2. Finding a female dwarf.
They're out there... but you've got to hunt.

Strange Magic - Part 1

Have you seen Doctor Strange yet? There's some cool effects in there and if you're wondering how to recreate them on your miniatures, then you're in luck. Between today's tutorial on floating magic and a followup on transparent weapons, I'll show you how.

I'm also going to preface this with a note that after creating the effects I've got a few thoughts on how to pull it off a little cleaner - I'll share those at the end of the article.

You can also view a 360 view here: