Wargaming Tradecraft: November 2016


Review - Hero Forge Custom Miniatures

I had a chance to review Hero Forge's new high quality Gray Plastic and was quite impressed. This is definitely the beginning of a new way to approach miniatures. You can either watch my full review on YouTube or keep reading for a text version.

* Full disclosure, they provided a free miniature for review purposes.

What is Hero Forge? It's a website with a 3D interface that allows you to build a character. Characters can be saved to a library in your account. The entire design process is free. Once you've created the Hero you want to own, you place an order and Hero Forge will have it 3D printed and shipped to you. (Unpainted)

If you want to try out their service yourself, take a look at Hero Forge and build your own character today.

Printing is done through a company called Shapeways, the same company my Arc Pucks are sold through.

Painting Glowing Eyes

 When painting my Ghoul Army, I decided to add a splash of colour to what was going to be strictly black and white. This ended up being a good decision to get a little contrast on the field.

I used this as an opportunity to write up a little tutorial on creating glows and to try out a new supply from Games Workshop, which I'll talk about too.

Count Vlagorescu's Midnight Court [High Res]


This was a project that I completed for two reasons. The first was that I've been wanting to build an Age of Sigmar army to game with the folks at our new local Warhammer store. Then came along Armies on Parade 2016. That was the push that I needed to complete it.

The following is my Flesh-Eater Courts army that I've named Count Vlagorescu's Midnight Court.