Wargaming Tradecraft: October 2016


Bracing Bows (Attaching string to miniature bows)

There are plenty of fantasy miniatures that have bows and crossbows, but they never have the bow string because it would be too fine to mold. Most of the time, we leave this detail off, but there's really no reason to.

The following is a short, simple article meant to inspire with a couple tips to make it look the best.

Fun fact: The act of stringing a bow is called "bracing."

Armies on Parade - Kitchener [2016]

Yesterday was the first Armies on Parade held in the Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph region. The following is a post that shows off all the entries we had at Warhammer Fairway Road. While I highlight the top 3, the final count is posted on their page for the curious.

Close competition, great artists, great people. It was a blast of a day and we all had a lot of fun chatting, visiting, discussing and sharing our techniques and brainstorming ideas for next year. It was neat to even talk to the walk-in visitors as they asked us about how we accomplished various details.

FYI, it's pretty graphic intensive.. around 70mb, so NOT mobile friendly without WIFI. I've posted these mostly in their original size so everyone who participated can have some high quality photos.

Assembling Complicated Models

Some of the miniatures we work with aren't so miniature. These can be as simple as gluing a few large parts together or as complicated as assembling numbered pieces in a bit of a jig-saw like manor similar to building model cars.

In this article I'm going to look at a few of the "gotchas" when building these larger figures and offer some tips when you've got a project of this scale on your own desk.