Wargaming Tradecraft: May 2016


Washing, Painting Light Colours and Layering Paint

"Nobody wants to paint yellow."
"Fine, I'll paint yellow."
"OK, you get Skull Bearers and White Scars."
"Wait... white too??"
- Ryan, manager of Warhammer store #88 and I.

He and the manager of another store were competing to see who could fill the Adeptus Astartes poster full of marines first. We, Canada, won.

The question gets asked often enough that I decided to use the opportunity to write a tutorial on painting White and Yellow including the techniques involved in the process.

Bonus, is my first video tutorial. You really should keep reading...

Now FOR SALE: The Arc Puck

From the great white north, the Arc Puck is a great way to mark the center points of bases for miniature wargaming and ensure accurate game-play. In addition, proceeds from these purchases help support the artist of Wargaming Tradecraft where articles full of tips and tricks for creating beautiful miniatures are freely available.
Keep your eyes peeled for a follow up post where I detail the development process. For now, the basics are that Shapeways 3D prints, performs quality control and ships products as they're ordered. They do this for a price based on the volume the object fills plus a percentage of the markup I set. Read more about it.


Each layer is sized for 30mm, 40mm and 50mm bases.

Please be aware that manufacturers of bases are not always consistent with their diameters and some may be smaller or larger than expected. This will affect how bases fit in the Arc Puck. Exact sizing is 30.25mm, (compact) 30.5mm, (full size) 40.5mm and 50.5mm, which fit all bases tested.

For example, the Privateer Press bases I measured were small sized 30mm and the medium and large bases were nearly 40.5mm and 50.5mm. While discussing this with others it sounds like their metal bases are smaller.

Two Versions

The Arc Puck comes in two versions with multiple choices of colours. There's a compact model and a full-sized one that's tall enough for text around the side. (For larger orders, I'll discuss customizing this text.)


Thanks to the size of the Arc Puck, it stores away easily wherever you want to keep it.
Exact sizing is 63mm total diameter with a height of 4.5mm (compact) or 8mm. (full)

Save on Shipping

The cost of shipping a single puck isn't far off from shipping multiples. Make a group purchase with friends or see if your FLGS will order for you.

Hordebloods: Janissa Stonetide Tauren WIP

I've begun working on what's probably the most controversial model in my Hordebloods army. Controversial, because TheWife and friends feel strongly in their belief that her hair looks like a cape. I tell them maybe it's Maybelline.

As I start applying paint, I realize it's the mouth, if anything, that doesn't look the greatest. But I love her hair.