Wargaming Tradecraft: January 2016


Pipe Cleaner Barbed Wire

Borderlands styled minis
Today's tutorial is a simple demonstration on how to make cheap, great looking barbed wire. It's a pretty simple process and I've included a first for tutorials at Wargaming Tradecraft - video! (And fire!)


Pipe Cleaners - $1 pack from a Dollar Store.
Candle - $1 pack from a Dollar Store
Lighter - $1 from a Dollar Store

= For $3, you can make an armies worth of barbed wire.

Runeshapers and Warders after the January Errata

I'm going to talk strategy for a moment, in regards to the million voices crying out over the Trollbloods errata that Privateer Press just released. (January 2016) I don't normally talk strategy, but my little community is in turmoil and I want to say a few words to help out.

This post is mostly about a unit I'm particularly fond of: Trollkin Runeshapers. I'll talk a little about the Trollblood Warders and what they role is in an army as well. Mostly I want to stay positive about the changes we've seen and how to move forward.

While I welcome comments, please keep things positive and lets look forward to the future of our kriels!

If you're curious about the sculpts depicted here, check out my Hordebloods project for links to tutorials on all my Troll mods and paint jobs. (I've really got to get around to painting these guys and gals! Though I think I want to revisit the Warders shields and make them look extra awesome.)

Painting Metallics

There are a lot of different ways to paint metal and I'm pretty sure that you're going to be introduced to some new methods in this series. I'll also highlight methods to easily paint metals as well as explain ways to replicate realistic metallic effects. This post will act as an introduction and an index that will eventually link to each of the articles once they're written.

For further reading, Meg Maples and Massive Voodoo have some great info on metals.