Wargaming Tradecraft: July 2014


State of Hordebloods

The topic came up in the Facebook Trollblood group to post pics of your finished models. So I did, which you can see above. I know, it's not a lot. Been a crazy time in the life of yours truly. But I stand firmly in the belief that if you hit a hobby road block - MARCH. Get your troops on the field and play some games. It's been a great motivator for me to keep working.

Speaking of working, Tradecraft Live is in full swing! It's been fun streaming while hobbying and getting a chance to chat with people at the same time. As you can see from past broadcasts, it's not super-exciting yet though it is a good time when there's people watching and we all end up chatting. Otherwise, I'm trying to talk to myself to increase the replay value. TheWife also points out that streaming is helping me hobby. I'm listening to music instead of watching TV/movies and I'm focusing on what I'm working on.

I'm in this real "hands on" mood with the Hordebloods at the moment. I know I'm mid-Champions on the painting front, but it feels good to revisit some units I don't think I spent enough time on. Fennblades have been give a real Forsaken undead look, I'm going to come back to the Warders too to strap on some carved wood totems, the skinner needs a nicer dagger and I'm having a bit of a time deciding exactly how I want my banshee's face and hair to look. A lot of this, you can watch live.

So yeah, just a quick update... remember to FOLLOW Tradecraft Live because then you'll get an eMail when I go live. Unfortunately, all this creativity is pulling me away from posting stuff to the website, but if you follow on Facebook you'll get more info on what I'm working on.

Due to plans last weekend and the upcoming one, I wasn't / won't be broadcasting, but don't worry, it will continue!

Hordebloods - Carving Forsaken Fennblades

The unit of Fennblades are planned to be Forsaken (undead) in my Hordeblood army. Originally, I think I hit a strain in my process and just decided that I'd paint the Fenns undead-like and that would be enough.

I'm in the process of revisiting some of my units and making sure I've done what I can to convert them. The Fennblades needed some work.

Here's the unit before I did any work on them. Just regular ol' Fenns.

Now, it's time to cut...

I streamed this work live on Twitch (Which you can watch a recording of.) and will probably stream the work this evening while green stuffing.


After a day filled with marching Hordeblooded armies, did some work pinning a Carnivean.

I tried a little something to help drill the metal models and was blown away by how well it worked.

To that end, I've updated my pinning article to talk about it.

Coming Soon: Tradecraft Live

In the near future, (See: As soon as I figure out the best way to mount the webcam  that keeps it out of the way but lets you fine folk see everything, and I have a few ideas.) I'll begin streaming my painting sessions live to the world. They'll be in HD, at least if the old computer next to my painting station can handle it :) Hoping to get things going in the next day or so to be honest. I figure as long as I'm painting, might as well stream it while chatting with anyone who wants to watch about what I'm doing and answering questions live.

You'll be able to watch here:


If you click "Follow", you'll be emailed whenever I go live. This will also give me an idea of how many people are interested in what I'm doing and the validity of possible future plans.

I'm also hoping this will assist my own focus. If I'm broadcasting, I can't be distracted by MEDIEVAL LAND FUN-TIME WORLD now can I?

For now, I won't be posting video tutorials. It takes long enough to write tutorials here to the quality I hold myself to, I'm sure video ones would be even more time consuming.