Wargaming Tradecraft: April 2014


Win a Custom Painted Miniature from Wargaming Tradecraft

Yup, that's right - I'm going to do something I don't do and pony up my painting services to the lucky winner of one of the many auctions during the Headshots from the Heart 24 hour charity marathon for Childs Play this weekend.

Have a special character model you’d like to stand out from the rest? Maybe a leader or great warrior for an army? Perhaps your epic hero for Dungeons and Dragons? I’ll paint a small or medium sized miniature (that you provide) and will even discuss doing some minor modification like custom green stuff sculpting.

Details such as colour and composition, painting style, basing, effects, weathering and modifications will be worked out with the winner after the auction. Quality will be of a professional level, such as models from my current Hordebloods project.

The auction starts at 8:30 PM EST on May 3rd, so tune in as we stream everything on TwitchTV. (In HD this year!)

Be sure to visit the Auction Schedule and see what else is up for grabs this weekend!

And if you're in Ontario, consider coming out to see the Gaming Expo, join the Gaming Extravaganza (LAN, board gaming, etc) and other events we'll have going on. Not only will it be a bunch of fun, but there's more great stuff up for grabs to participants!

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Super Glue Accelerator

I've written previously about glues, including super glue. What I'm going to cover here is a handy supply for people who have trouble waiting for super glue to dry.

Accelerator helps super glue bond almost instantly. The trade off is a joint isn't quite as strong as if you had let the connection dry normally. (Not to say it's brittle - just not as strong.) If you're concerned about the strength of the joint, you can use a little accelerated super glue to hold two pieces together, then super glue around it.

[UPDATE] Guitar Strings and Reconditioning Paints

Just a quick update on my post about Guitar Strings regarding the safety of how sharp they are.

I've also done a little update to my post on Reconditioning Paints to talk about using thinner instead of water.

Helping Gamers be Better Cheaters

[APRIL FOOLS - Learn about Helping cheaters be better players]

I've been playing more Hordes lately, tournaments too and if there's one thing we all hate, it's losing and having to pack up your army while everyone's congratulating whoever won.

Weep no more! Today I'm going to teach you the tricks that all the best players use to play their way to the top of all the professional tournaments. Many of these tricks will work in any system. Need to cheat at Warmachine and Hordes? No problem. Planning to cheat at Warhammer without buying terrain? I got your back. Want to win at Warhammer 40k without buying Space Marines? Read on!