Wargaming Tradecraft: October 2013


[Review] Reaper Bones Miniatures

 So about a month ago, my FLGS talked me into trying out one of the plastic Reaper Bones miniatures. I'm glad I did. The following is my review on the quality of the miniatures and what they're like to paint - they're not bad. Certainly not high quality miniatures; I wouldn't recommend them as replacements for Wargaming. The price is perfect, as is the quality, if you're looking for miniatures to use in your various tabletop roleplaying games. Another selling point - no primer required... buuuut, I'll touch on how accurate that is later.

If you got in on the original Bones Kickstarter, then you're well aware of what kind of a deal they offer. If you're interested, there's a Bones II Kickstarter on at the moment, which wraps up at the end of the week.

The other thing I'll be doing, is when I get to painting, I'm going to show more simple and quick steps that anyone can follow to create nice looking models.