Wargaming Tradecraft: March 2013


Tabletop Day, Saturday March 30th

So this Saturday, March 30th is Tabletop Day!

What's that mean? Well, basically you can probably go to your FLGS and check out a bunch of gaming activities.

Personally, I'll be over at Hugin and Munin in Windsor, Ontario. They're open from Noon to 10p for the day with tons of great people bringing a wide selection of games. My Hordebloods will be on site, and I'll be bringing some Super Dungeon Explore and Sedition Wars. There's going to be some tester Hordes and Warmachine armies, Blood Bowl, Malifaux, and hopefully some of these games.

You can find plenty of information at the Windsor Gaming Resource on some of the FREE SWAG that's being given away.

A Great Explanation of Games Workshop's Policy Changes (and some of my thoughts)

The 'net is buzzing with news about Games Workshop's new policy changes, how it affects online retailers and how it affects local retailers. Matt over at MiniWarGaming has an excellent video talking in depth and with a level head about these changes. Unfortunately, with it is the news that the MiniWarGaming Store will be closing.

On a personal note, I'll be sad to see them go. Chatting on those forums were what sparked me to start blogging all those years ago. While I haven't bought from them recently, (supporting local instead) I did get a good chunk of my current Hordebloods from them and they were kind enough to help sponsor the models I painted for last years Headshots from the Heart campaign where we raised $2500 for sick kids.

And in the meantime, they're having a sale to clear out their product...

Essentially, the issues can be summed up as:

Another Old Stuff Day, March 2nd 2013

Another Old Stuff Day, which I'm a little late at posting.. (Thanks to Creative Twilight for reminding me) but today I've decided to highlight some of the posts that were quite popular over the years.. essentially taking the choices of some of my most read articles found through googling and bringing them to light for my regular readers.

To read some of the posts I've highlighted previously, take a look at 2012's and 2011's Old Stuff Day posts.