Wargaming Tradecraft: January 2013


A case of the Mondays...

But I just try to remember...

Weekly Update

Last Week at Wargaming Tradecraft

As you may have noticed, there haven't been many updates recently. I have been hobbying though, and getting back in to the groove... even hit my roughly 1 model per week, week and half that I was doing back before all the crazyness this last almost year now.

I did post a progress report on where things stood though, and just finished the UA for my Warlock Stonebearer unit. That post included a tutorial on how to freehand paint a feathered cloak, which awesomely showed up on TutoFig. (If you haven't checked that site out before, I highly recommend it)

Also, for the Privateer Players out there, I also wrote up a tutorial on how to control an Android mobile from your PC.

Last Week in the Community

This week I play catch up with the blogs... next time, with all the art on DA...

Using War Room on the PC (For people who own Androids)

Yup, you read that right folks, you can run War Room on your computer IF you already have an Android device. The "how" of it is pretty straight forward and while there are other methods to remotely control phones and tablet, this one does NOT require root access.

As for the "why"... well, originally I wanted easier control over the app when I only had it on my phone. (Tiny screen, big fingers, somewhat funny tap zones within the app.) Now that I have a tablet and can comfortably kick my feet up on the couch while working on an army list, it's not as high priority. HOWEVER, this could be very handy for the person who wants to be all multi-tasky and work on a list while they're googling strategies or pounding out some math-hammer and not have to keep going between PC and mobile, dealing with screen time outs, etc.

Freehanding a Feathered Cloak / Hordebloods Update

 I may not be posting much these days, but I'm hoping that should change soon... really it's just been a motivation thing. When last seen, this model was just primed black in my Hordebloods Progress Report. I have been getting work done though, pictured left, and wanted to share with you how I painted his cloak.

It is a little bit of a tricky process, but like many things, not quite as complicated as it might appear at first. This will take a fine brush and a steady hand though.