Wargaming Tradecraft: July 2012


Krielstone Warlock - Voidheart [WIP1]

Yup, this is the next Warlock that I'm working on for my Hordeblooded army. (You'll recall the first one I completed, wearing Nemesis armour.) I coulda sworn I'd posted some WIP photos of him already, but maybe not.

I haven't quiiiiite figured out how I'm going to handle the big blue glow yet. Tears in his clothing and probably some seams, absolutely. I know I'll do the eyes all glowy like they are, but the face I'm undecided on. I think going all blue would look horrible... but maybe bringing out some blue shadows or highlights would work. Thoughts?

You'll see here that I chopped up a normal troll's hand and gave this guy a sword... mageblades were what I rocked on my 'lock in WoW, so why not? I'm picturing something white and crystalline.

The unifying colours for this squad (aside from the terrain and tabbard) will be the runes across their shoulders and wrists, so those will get done  up green like on the Nemesis armour.

Also notice I've coloured his skin a little differently too... little more yellow in the green. I don't want to paint everyone's skin uniform - because I think some diversity adds to the image and is kinda needed in our hobby.

Kickstarter needs to keep its claws out of my wallet

Here's another Kickstarter that threatens to take me to the bank... after Wasteland 2, Shadowrun, Carmageddon, and of course Sedition Wars, now Reaper Minis has to get on board and ask for more of my money. Dang.

I'll be holding out on this one for now as it's not super shiny yet... like Sedition Wars, the $100 level is where it's at, and where the milestone bonuses are being added... but it's not crazy enticing quite yet....

Don't get me wrong, the minis are beautiful as always from Reaper.. but these new plastic minis sell pretty cheap apparently, which means if I couldn't live without some of them, I'd just pick them up individually.

But there's almost a month left, *sigh*, so we'll see how much sweeter the pot gets.

(saw this originally on Garden Ninja)

Krielstone Warlock - Voidwalker Stonebearer [complete]

When last I spoke of this guy, disaster had struck. And it sucked. Bad.

Now my Voidwalker is all finished up and doing a good job of protecting my droogs from danger.

I filled the area between his feet with rock chips and they've done a fantastic job of reinforcing his legs.

Network content ratings and my own promise

by Blue Ruin1
So there's recently been a little craziness on the internet... well, I suppose there's nothing unusual about that. Perhaps I should clarify - in our little corner of the blogosphere there's been some controversy over appropriate content and sexism, which while following on the heels of the psychoticness of the recent treatment of a certain girl who just wanted to raise some money to do a geek-girl documentary, could explain why tensions are already a little high.

Now, I'm not going to link or point fingers, and I hold no ill-will against those involved. It does no good, I follow the site it occurred on, and I enjoy most of the author's work. Because of some of the comments though, it shows that there are people concerned about kids exploring the hobby while online. As such, I wanted to re-iterate a principle that I've held since launching this site a few years ago:

Wargaming Tradecraft is appropriate for all ages.

and now,

Visitors of the Find a Blog network list can now view (and sort by) content ratings.
(as chosen by blog authors - NOT reviewed by me, unless I get complaints)

New Camera, new photos, new times

Since TheWife got me my new camera, I've been discovering all sorts of fantastic photo opportunities. So, now that I've got something that can take pictures of freaking moon-craters, I figured it's time to revisit some of the pictures from my Casio that just didn't make the cut. (By the end, most of the pictures I was posting to my blog were being taken with my camera phone...)

As a reminder, I've already got posts on Photographing Your Minis and Lighting Your Hobby Area which are well worth a read for anyone interested in taking better photos for their blogs or galleries.

Custom Hordes Templates [part 2]

This is where the magic happens!
Designed, built and programmed by my dad.
 So here's the second part of my custom Hordebloods template project. [see the first here] Another successful bunch of work complete and it's created some fantastic looking templates.

I've gone in to more detail here leading up to the current version of the templates.

The spray template was the hardest to reproduce. Why? It's not to spec. The sides and middle are actually longer than 10". Looks like that first half inch designator is a little too big.

My dad and I had a great weekend of working on these. It made for a great project as he showed me more about the workings of his machine and he worked out a few kinks in my design, and we resolved some bugs in the code and brainwashed for new features for it. This alone made for a successful project, the templates working out being bonus :)

Weekly Update (Massive Gallery Catch-up)

Last Week at Wargaming Tradecraft

Well, hoping to get back at it this week.. thanks for the well wishes.

Took some down time and finished catching up on my blogs and DA though.. so massive update in the Gallery section.

Last Week in the Community

Life size Dark Angels

via A Plague Spreads, the newest member of the Find a Blog network..

This is simply fantastical...

Family Emergency

Due to a family emergency, I'll be away for a bit. This will also delay the approval of new sites to the Network, which I'll take care of when I have a moment. Normal programming will resume in a few weeks.

FIND A BLOG Network from Wargaming Tradecraft

For over a year now, I've had a Network page that's allowed hobbyists to find blogs that cover the content they're interested in and for blogs to advertise themselves and what they're about. In this time, the network page grew to a whopping 72 blogs!

Now, I'm proud to announce version 2 of the Wargaming Tradecraft Find a Blog service, with plenty of new features!

Most prominently, is that this is a single page that lists all the blogs signed up, is easy and fast to search for content you're interested in, contains contact information for all the authors in one place, and directs readers to YOUR website.
  • Blogs listed with the Topics they're about and (NEW!) the miniature Genres they cover.
    • ex Topics: Gallery, painting instructions, modding, strategy, theory, fluff, etc
    • ex Genres: Warmachine, 40k, Fantasy, Medievil, Steampunk, Black Powder, etc  
  • ALL the Topics and Genres are fully searchable.
    • Click on as many as you like to only display blogs covering those topics.
  • Social Media links
    • Sites and authors can enter links to their Email, Facebook, Twitter, etc
    • Allows the Find a Blog page to be a 1-stop site for connecting with your favorite authors!
  • RSS Feeds
    • Allows readers to quickly follow your blog!
    • Sites that enter their RSS links will be part of future features to further our hobby's interests.
    • I won't use your RSS feeds to post full articles.
  • Update-able
    • Authors can update their site's information themselves as the focus of their blog shifts or they change emails, create a Facebook account for their site, etc.
Not mandatory, but I still ask that you put a link to the Find a Blog network on your own site, so that we can connect as many people as we can to the blogs that interest them. I've updated the old Widget to point to the new Network page, but don't fret! Anybody currently being sent to the old Network page will automatically be redirected to the new one.

Also, thanks to Thor over at Creative Twilight for answering some questions I had... and to him and Curis from Ninjabread for signing up in the early stages so I had some real test data to work with. 
(Don't forget to follow my Twitter and Facebook to get peeks in to what I'm up to.)


Also, I'd just like to thank those who've already signed up - if you haven't, what are you waiting for?!

"What if I was in the old Network list?"

Because authors now get a username and password used to update their information whenever they wish, YOU WILL HAVE TO SIGN UP AGAIN. This is the only speed bump to getting the network back off the ground, hopefully surpassing the old 72 and compiling a list of all the miniature hobby sites out there in one location.

Weekly Update

Last Week at Wargaming Tradecraft

Happy Canada Day and (early) Independence Day!
Not much going on yet, was kinda sick last week and visiting family this past weekend BUT I have started working again.. on some Hordeblood painting and terrain, as well as finishing my detailed water tutorial. Expect some updates this week. If you've been following my Facebook or Twitter, then you also know about some of the awesomeness that I created this weekend.

I've also made a few tweaks to the Network page and it is open for business, so take a read and sign up!

Also, I'm nearly caught up reading all my blogs since the Headshots charity devoured my time... so for your viewing pleasure, here's a bunch of great links... Next week I'm hoping to be fully caught up, and maybe even have a chance to go through all the art updates on DeviantArt.

Last Week in the Community