Wargaming Tradecraft: November 2011


Stat-Counting for Safety

"Remember honey, there are bad
people on the internet."
a.k.a. Use what you learn here for the power of good.

This is a post about recognizing that the side effect of having a presence online will no doubt face you with it's shadier parts at some point. Even though everything that goes on in the web is basically tracked, if you have a concern, do you want to wait for delays emailing The Powers That Be and chasing down information you feel you may need right away? If a site is also a store, or doing similar business, this also helps in case of fraud.

In this post, I explore using a visitor counter for safety reasons, instead of statistics.

a.k.a. Please don't stop reading my blog after you read this.

Weekly Update

Last Week at Wargaming Tradecraft

The big post this week was Madrak's completion - if you haven't looked, GO NOW. I also did some significant updates to my varnishing post, and it's also worth taking a look at if you'd like to protect your minis without ruining them.

Last Week in the Community

Happy Thanksgiving - 25% off GW and PP Minis

Saints 4 Life
TheWife is awesome and I couldn't ask for a better partner to share a lifetime of geekitude with... that's what I'm thankful for, even if the Americans celebrate it a month later than us Canuks. On that note, an early Christmas present has been ordered - my Hordes army, to compliment the deal we got last weekend on a used one for her.

Here's a HUGE sale....

[UPDATE] Varnishing Your Models

I've updated my post on Varnishing Your Models.

Some of the changes include talking about airbrushing, pigments, before and after pictures. Also, cleared up text / organized it a little better to remove the wall of text it was previously.

Basically, it's tons better than it was before, and you should click the above link and go read it.

This post is unlabelled and just an update notice.

Madrak [7] Thrall Completed!

After much work, I've finally completed Madrak / Thrall. In his final days, I got pretty into the work and didn't get nearly as many WIP shots as I would have liked.

Because of this, I'll cover what I can before showing off the final photos.

Weekly Update

Last Week at Wargaming Tradecraft

Sorry, didn't get around to writing up the article on Madrak's completion, but it's started, and should be posted in the next few days.

In the mean time, enjoy the following...

Last Week in the Community

Weekly Update

Last Week at Wargaming Tradecraft

Again, painting continues on Madrak. In a few days, I'll write up the final post detailing the last steps I took to finish him up.

Last Week in the Community

Madrak [6] - Painting Nears Completion

Sorry about the lack of updates, but I've only been getting little bits done here and there lately.

The shoulder highlighting went great, and has a little glow effect, though you can't really tell from the pic.

Weekly Update

Last Week at Wargaming Tradecraft

Not much to report, other than more painting continues on Madrak.

Last Week in the Community

Madrak [5] - Painting continues

Yes indeed, painting continues, and first things first I've completed his head. The three photos above show off a new supply called "Pigments" - which is essentially using powders to highlight and shade. (More on pigments in a later post though, for now you can see the transition in the gold.)

I've even used some neon paints to try and brighten the intensity. (Like Raffa's Visions of Hatred) I'm going to continue experimenting with them in his runes as well.