Wargaming Tradecraft: October 2011


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Big news this week - painting has begun on Madrak!

And to keep all that straight, I talk about the importance of having a notebook.

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Madrak [4] WIP - painting begins

Painting has begun!!!

Yes, three exclamation points of excitement.

I've got this fun one-day tourney coming up, and while the armies don't have to be painted, there's a single figure (from the army) painting competition - and I want to be ready.

With that said, here's the beginning of Thrall, leader of the Hordebloods, coming to life!

Adeptus Mechanicus Fan Codex v3

I don't go off-topic too often, but this is an interesting project that an active member of our community, aka Lantz, has been working on for quite some time now. When the internet was in it's infancy, there were a LOT of junk codexes out there created by people who basically were only interested in convincing their friends they should be allowed to play some overpowered list... to be fair, I even tried creating [totally broken] rules for a Revenant Scout Titan once. (But I recognized after 1, maybe 2 games that it was too OP and put that sucker down.)

However, here's a codex that's had a lot of time and effort put into it. It's now in it's third version and continuing to be worked on. I love the style - almost a "steam punk 40k". There are also some neat rules... like being able to blow up your wrecked tanks so the technology doesn't fall into enemy hands. He's even put together a list / photos of miniatures from various manufacturers that can be used to create your army.

Click over to AdMechFanDex.com to download a copy.

Weekly Update

Last Week at Wargaming Tradecraft

Dethtron called out the geeks, and here's my rebuttal. I've also updated my photographing minis post.

Not much to say at the moment, but I've just about finished my pirate for Foodmachine. No, sorry, no pics until there's a link to the auction.

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Mine's Bigger than Brent's

Dethtron's returned to the Blogosphere... and already he's shaking things up.

It started with Brent showing off his rather large hobby collection, and Deth not only prepared a rebuttal that shows off his own massing of toy soldiers but called out the community to do the same. So far, Loq's also responded to the challenge, but I call shenanigans 'cause she owns a game store.

So I'm taking this opportunity to show off my own collection, but asking you to show yours off too - when you do, please post a link in the comments here.

Free X-Acto blade samples!

Noticed this over at Dark Future Games, apparently you can get yourself a free sample of a new type of blade from X-Acto. It's supposed to be extra special cause it's coated in stuff... I'm curious to see if that means sharper, stronger or both... (they say it does, but trial will tell) tips that last and can hold up to pressure would be nice for carving in tight spaces.


[UPDATE] Taking and Editing Pics

I've been meaning to shrink the photo I had up on Deviant Art for my Terminator because it was wayyy too big. This totally destroys how your minis look when you blow them up that size.

Since I finally did that, I've also updated my post that talks all about Photographing your Minis. (and editing those photos)

I've made a few other changes beyond just that, added some tips and expanded on a few things here and there - so why not go and check out the post again.

Weekly Update

Last Week at Wargaming Tradecraft

My new digital microscope came in, and it's allowed me to show some detail on my fine saw.

Also, if anyone's a fan of horror-type-movies, follow my Twitter or check out the tag #Halloweek so you can follow along with the films I'll be watching over the next few weeks - at least one per day!

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Digital Microscope (Good quality, low price)

For a little while now, I've tooled around with the idea of picking up a digital microscope... unfortunately the cost of one is prohibitive to that sort of endeavour - until now!

A digital microscope will allow you to take HIGHLY detailed close up photos of just about anything. Anyone posting photos of their work online will find this incredibly useful - bloggers can show details [like on my saw post] of their tools and techniques while artists can include close up shots of their painting. The quality definitely goes beyond your average camera's close up, zoom and macro abilities.

TheWife points out that they can also double as a magnifying glass - watching your work blown up on a monitor while you paint and improve your technique.

Finely Serrated Hand-Saw

I've had this post sitting for a bit because I wanted to get a good shot of the fine little serrated edges on this saw. (More on the microscope later this week) There are two things that make this saw great for hobbying - not only are the teeth fine, but it's also very thin.

You can find fine saws at hobby shops and some hardware stores, but might need to special order for something this fine. (Though I didn't need to) Readers Reid and War Frog mention using Jewelers Saws as another excellent source for finding fine saws. I've also talked about hobby knife sets in the past, though those saws are flimsier than this.

Weekly Update

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Chaos Pumpkin - Me, 2010
Just working away on my Hordebloods. However, also got a display cabinet! and did some lighting for it!

Oh, and since it's Hallowmonth, take a look at some of last years movie suggestions.

Last Week in the Community

Tons of great work going on... looks like people are leaving their summer slumps and getting back into some hard work. Take a look at the gallery section below.

Display Cabinet plus Lighting

Recently I (finally) purchased a display cabinet. I'd been looking for one for a while, seeing them around $80. (Which is roughly what this went for) The IKEA options were a little small and cheap-looking, but had built in lights. I found this one at JYSK. (Not that I can find it on the website)

After it sat unassembled for a few days while I was under the weather, I came home from work to find my awesome wife had put it together for me. It looked great, all glass with aluminium posts and a wooden base/top.

What it didn't have, was a light.

I knew this ahead of time, but now it was time for doing a little modification.

Impaler [7] - Elf Impaled WIP

Fish gotta swim, computers gotta crash... Impalers gotta impale. In that vein, my second Impaler will actually be impaling someone.

This Circle of Orboros druid chick makes a great target, for a few reasons.

Weekly Update

Last Week at Wargaming Tradecraft

The Hordebloods project continues with some stone work. Just picked up a mask, and things can continue!

Also, another charity project is ramping up! Take a look.

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