Wargaming Tradecraft: August 2013

Coping with Disasters

Sometimes, things happen... out of your control... within your control... either way, they're terrible... I'm not talking about that "1" that shows up at the roll of the dice that determines the outcome of a game. I'm talking about things like... oh I don't know... dropping one of your miniatures on the floor and watching it explode.

Not a huge deal if you're just rushing through painting an army, but more serious if it's something you've been putting a lot of time and effort in to. How do I cope? How do you cope? Let's take a look...

Warmachine: Tactics - LAST DAY

I just wanted to remind you, incase you were waiting.. that today is THE LAST DAY to Kickstart Warnachine Tactics.

You can add on some great stuff, like models and novels as well as in-game rewards exclusive to Kickstarter backers.

So what are you waiting for?

If you want to see what you're paying for...

The models you can add on are limited edition and look BEAUTIFUL. Yes, the characters will be available later, but these sculpts are for the Kickstarter only - they'll actually be breaking the moulds later.

It's on Steam's Greenlight program, but why wait when you can support it now and improve what the game comes with?

They've added all the factions but 1... and we're not far off from that goal:

Hordebloods: Champion #1

I've completed the first shock troop of my Hordeblood infantry. My champions are the backbone of my best lists and always do their job - soaking pain as well as dealing it. For their skin tone, I've gone the Warsong Demon Tainted route. This gives them firey skin with brown shades and yellow highlights.

This fellow is the leader of the unit, but more will follow.