Wargaming Tradecraft: December 2012

Hordebloods - Progress Report

So, a year in to the project, and I haven't quite accomplished as much as I would have liked. I've got plenty of excuses though... painting a model for last years Orange Crush fundraiser... and painting 6 models for Headshots from the Heart where we raised over $2000 for Childs Play. To make things more troublesome, you can also toss in a loss in the family, extended illness and a promotion / move.

The good news is, there HAS been progress, and rather than a bunch of posts spread out, here's the wrap up of where the Hordebloods stand. This version of the army has been good to me, and aside from a few more additions, is basically all I plan on rolling with for now. (Fennblades, Mountain King, Whelps and the new Shield-wall unit when they release are still on my wishlist, with possible Scattergunners as well...)